All Channels Are Relay From Respective Countries, Different Region Have Different Servers Relaying Broadcast, There Maybe Disruption For Channels From Time To Time, Please Try & Load On Another Time Or Try Loading Other Channels That Works, Servers & Channels List Are Subjected To Changes. There Will Be Repeated Channels, As Different Region Also Broadcast Same Content But With Different Subtitles Or Advertisements.

The channel list below are the active channels at this specific moment on the servers.

It changes continuously and no channel or package is guaranteed

We, “MOBILESHOP.SG” Do Not Have Any Control Over Streaming Servers Nor Guarantee Stability Playback Of Any Media Contents & Shall Not Be Held Responsible For Servers/Channels Discontinued Operation or Changes on channels package.
Warranty Only Covers Hardware & Not Online Servers Or Media Contents.

We as reseller of this product offers 1 to 1 Exchange Policy If Any HARDWARE Issue Found Within 1 Year!